Public Domain Images - Death to the Stock Photo - Back To Work - Business 10



Death to the Stock Photo in not public domain.

We are sorry but we had to remove last weeks public domain images due to the fact that contacted us and asked us to remove the images. I was under the impression that their images were released as public domain images but apparently they are not. This is what David mentioned in his email to me:

We don’t follow the public domain license

But instead have our own license that we use that we’ve worked closely with lawyers on to create. (From which this type of distribution is not legal)

David was very courteous in his email to me, so we complied by removing the images. I would steer clear of DeathtotheStockPhoto if you are looking for public domain images, otherwise you might get into legal issues due to the complexity of their terms and conditions.

Definitely a bummer having to remove those images, but we have more awesome photos headed your way this next week. We’ll send out an email as soon as the next batch of public domain photos are ready for download. So, if you haven’t already done so, join our weekly email list today!